Short Maid Of Honor Speech Example

Here is a great example of a super short Maid of Honor Speech taken from a book called “Speeches and Toasts For All Occasions”. Unfortunately, it’s the only Maid of honor sample in there. That is why I think you should take a look at this collection of maid of honor speeches. So here goes…

“Ladies and Gentleman – I am honored to be the Maid Of Honor and I have a great duty to perform on this happy occasion. I am going to ask you all to drink to the health of the Bride and Groom. It is an especially happy task because I can perform it with such confidence. Both of them look the picture of health and their happiness is beyond concealment.

Marriage has sometimes been called a lottery but I am sure there is no gamble about this match. Both the bride and groom took a peak in advance at the winning numbers before they chose their tickets. Of course, I could have told the groom that he had found a winner right from the start, for I have known the bride since she was a sweet and lovable child. I’ve watched her become more sweeter and lovable as she grew up.

The groom wisely, did not ask my opinion and nor did the bride. I hope they will forgive me if I give it now and say that if ever a marriage was made in heaven, this is it.

No-one ever forgets his wedding day and the young couple will look back on this day with sweet memories as the years pass. I doubt if their memories will include my speech, so I will detain you no further.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to drink to the health and happiness of the bride and groom”

Short, sweet and straight to the point. A great example of a maid of honor speech from a great Maid. A short and sweet speech but with all the right stuff.


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